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Dhumra Kritya Abhichara
Dhumra Kritya Abhichara

Dhumra Kritya Abhichara

Product Description

'Dhumra Kritya Abhichara' (Digital Copy) is an introduction to the tantric understanding of epidemics and diseases. It gives an insightful and unique experimental approach to the field of medicine & diseases of plants, animals, and human beings. This book will make one question the way one sees most diseases that one sees around - especially the incurable diseases whose causes or cures are still unknown.

This book is written in the format of traditional agāma & nigama, as a conversation between 'Maha Siddha Ishaputra' & his consort. It highlights the non-conventional approach to diseases, medicine & healing. It focuses on wisdom of ancient 'Himalayan Siddhas' which can be seen as the next step of research for the 'traditional Indian medical science' of 'Ayurveda' and encourage the modern medical science to think out of the box.

After reading this book, one will know about how a Siddha sees diseases. One will understand what are the current limitation of Ayurveda. One will discover how the ancient Siddha system classifies different categories of Mahāmāri or intricate diseases whose causes cannot be seen with eyes.


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